Reacting to Dog Reactivity: Practical Assessments and Interventions

How to assess, manage and change reactive behaviours in dogs with Chirag Patel

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Join me for an informative and interactive online week focusing on: 

"Reacting to Reactivity: Practical Assessments and Interventions for Dogs." 

Date: 19th to 23rd June 2024

Time: 8:00pm to 9:30pm UK time each day.

Price: £125.00 

During this week-long event, Chirag Patel, a renowned animal behaviour & training consultant, will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of reactive behaviors in dogs. Whether you are a professional trainer, shelter worker or caregiver this workshop will provide you with valuable insights and practical ideas.

The sessions will be both live and recorded, allowing participants to watch the recordings at their convenience if they are unable to attend the live sessions. Additionally, all participants will have one year of access to the recorded sessions. Live attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and actively participate in discussions.

Throughout the reactivity week, Chirag will cover a wide range of topics, including assessing reactive behaviors, implementing effective interventions, and managing problem behaviors. He will use presentations and video of real case examples, providing detailed analysis and practical demonstrations.

One of the key focuses of this webinar will be on practical interventions, training techniques, and behaviour modification strategies. Chirag will address the common misconception that distance and slow programs are the only solutions, offering practical alternatives that can be easily implemented by trainers and everyday caregivers. 

Additionally, the webinar will explore coaching caregivers and providing support throughout the assessment and intervention process. 

A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants upon completion of the webinar. Please note that the CEUs are currently pending, and the information regarding its availability will be updated on this page.

Full refunds provided up to start of live event for the course. For purchases after 19th June 2024 no refund available. 

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Chirag Patel

Feedback from a Student Enrolled on the Online Puppy Course

I absolutley enjoyed every second watching this. So many great inputs! Also I am very thankful that you also show situations, that are not perfect. This also gave me a lot of understanding how you deal with situations that are maybe not the way we want them to be. Very very helpful, thank you so much!

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Reacting to Dog Reactivity: Practical Assessments


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